CMC Ventilazione products purify air and surfaces, fully respect human health and the environment, do not use harmful substances or chemicals, and do not produce special waste.


CMC Ventilazione products have been verified by independent bodies and universities for their sustainability and effectiveness. Discover the certifications obtained.


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A new small big step towards the future signed by CMC technology! After the first official test during the Mugello GP weekend, the X WORX officially debuted in the pits of the Gresini Racing team at the historic TT Circuit in Assen.

With the new X WORx project, developed for and with Gresini Racing, CMC technology enters the world of motorsport with its first product dedicated to ventilation in heavy duty conditions.


An advanced technology that reduces the size of the fans by more than 50% and, thanks to a modular tower structure, allows multiple configurations (single, two or three elements) based on the square meters to be managed and the air movement that occurs wants to get.


Power, efficiency, modularity and compact dimensions to facilitate transport are the key to understanding the X WORX project where our axial fans with asynchronous motor drastically reduce noise, optimizing consumption and ensuring a much longer product life.

Ignazio Savio – CMC Plant Manager


"X WORX makes us proud of being able to improve the work and results of our partners and customers but above all it fully represents the VISION of the company and of the entire CMC family, that is, being able to improve ourselves day after day, as a cutting-edge company, trying to innovate with creative and dynamic solutions and open up paths and markets in the world of ventilation that no one has explored before"

Gresini Racing: X WORX Report


What was designed by CMC Ventilazione represents the incredible foresight and innovative vision of Maria and her team. For years we have embarked on a collaborative path which sees, in addition to the partnership, the use of CMC branded devices within Gresini Racing environments. X WORX devices make the garage environment more comfortable for technicians and riders. What is often a very warm place without air circulation, thanks to the inclusion of this advanced technology, becomes much more comfortable, improving the quality of work and the life of those who work inside. What convinced us to adopt these devices is the fact that it is possible to have great efficiency with very small dimensions. The box environment forces us workers to have to make the best use of the spaces. The X WORX devices fully reflect this philosophy, as well as being adaptable as a tool support, bench or support for mechanics. It is certainly a new technology of its kind and never seen before in this world, we are happy to have been the first to adopt and experiment with it.