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Simple transmission centrifugal fans

Technical data and download

Fan typeFan codeMax Motor power [Wout]Impeller Dimension [mm]Rpm MaxWeight
7/5 DTA.75.S 3000 200x120 2600 4,5
7/7 DTA.77.S 3000 200x183 2600 5,5
9/7 DTA.97.S 3000 240x180 2500 7,1
9/9 DTA.99.S 3000 240x245 2100 8,4
10/8 DTA.108.S 3000 280x205 2500 8,8
10/10 DTA.1010.S 4000 280x270 2000 9,8
12/9 DTA.129.S 5500 330x242 2000 13,3
12/12 DTA.1212.S 5500 330x242 1500 15,8
15/11 DTA.1511.S 5500 400x292 2000 18,4
15/15 DTA.1515.S 5500 400x372 1200 21,3
18/13 DTA.1813.S 7500 450x332 1200 27,8
18/18 DTA.1818.S 7500 450x456 1100 33,3

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