CMC Ventilazione products purify air and surfaces, fully respect human health and the environment, do not use harmful substances or chemicals, and do not produce special waste.


CMC Ventilazione products have been verified by independent bodies and universities for their sustainability and effectiveness. Discover the certifications obtained.


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Developed and tested to meet
the demands of your environment

In addition to producing industrial fans, extraction systems and fume hoods, at our headquarters in Verdellino, between Bergamo and Milan, we have a Research & Development department able to customize catalogue products, and therefore create custom units for any environment.

Here our technicians work every day to find the best energy-efficient ventilation solutions that limit CO₂ emissions and negative impacts on the environment and society.

Furthermore, we test fans and extraction systems to guarantee certified products that meet the most stringent European regulations, and work with institutions and universities to demonstrate the results achieved by the use of our systems in closed environments.

We have a dedicated AMCA 210/ISO 5810 test chamber

The testing of our products are carried out in a laboratory with an AMCA 210/ISO 5810 compliant test chamber.

We measure their air flow, static and total pressure, noise level in decibels (db(A)) and energy consumption, in order to create high-performance and tailor-made solutions for the environments in which they will be installed.


  • Data management by database
  • Multilingual software
  • Test search and report printing
  • Test comparison reports
  • Dimensional and non-dimensional analyses
  • Stabilized, multi-voltage and multi-frequency motor power supply system
  • Measuring system from zero flow to zero-full range pressure
  • Flow stabilization system inside the test rig


  • Air flow
  • Static and total pressure
  • Rotation speed
  • Input torque
  • Electric power absorbed by the motor
  • Electric current absorbed by the motor
  • Electric motor supply voltage
  • Power factor of the electric motor
  • Environmental temperature
  • Air density
  • Resistance and electrical resistance variation of the motor windings
Variable Range Unit of measure
Air flow 0/20.000,00 m3/h
Pressure 1.000 / + 5.000 Pa
Torque 0 / 50 N°m
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
AMCA 210/ISO5801 installation type - B

We take care of the look
and design of our products

In our Research & Development department, we put technology and the performance of our fans and extraction systems first, but we also know that appearances are important too.

In recent years, we have therefore been working hard to take care of the look and design of our products, creating solutions that are both high-performing and easy to insert into any architectural context.

We take care of the
environment and society

The decision to look for high-efficiency solutions is dictated not only by the need to reduce consumption, but is also and above all an ethical choice made in favour of the environment, sustainability and tomorrow’s society.

In our Research & Development department, we develop ventilation systems and extraction systems with reduced associated CO₂ emissions, and design structures made from recycled materials, to reduce the impoverishment of our planet and protect the living conditions of those involved in mining activities.

For the air you breathe, choose a solution that you are sure
fully complies with all legal and industry standards

The ventilation units, fume extraction and air sanitization systems we manufacture are tested in our laboratory and AMCA 210/ISO 5801 test chamber, to fully comply with European Union Energy-related Products (ErP) Directives 1253/2014 and 327/ 2011, as well as the Leed & Well green building standards.

Make your rooms healthier and breathe perfectly clean air

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