CMC Ventilazione products purify air and surfaces, fully respect human health and the environment, do not use harmful substances or chemicals, and do not produce special waste.


CMC Ventilazione products have been verified by independent bodies and universities for their sustainability and effectiveness. Discover the certifications obtained.


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CMC technology creates CMC Junior program!

Philippaerts enters CMC projects as a testimonial. The well-known internationally renowned sportsman has accepted the task of following, training and coaching Kevin Cantù.

A new piece is added to the innovative CMC Ventilazione project dedicated to the training and tutoring of the young sportsman and talented promise from Bergamo, who continues to demonstrate his talent on and off the competition fields.

Maria Sagula CEO


"It is a great personal pleasure to see how much our suggestions influence the personal growth of a young person. Academic performance, foreign languages, commitment and dedication are the basis of this program. I thank David for accepting our proposal."


D. Philippaerts


“I am very happy to be part of the CMC Junior program dedicated to emerging talents. Working with young people is a passion before a job and helping kids like Kevin grow makes this passion a source of pride and at the same time a personal goal.”

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