CMC Ventilazione products purify air and surfaces, fully respect human health and the environment, do not use harmful substances or chemicals, and do not produce special waste.


CMC Ventilazione products have been verified by independent bodies and universities for their sustainability and effectiveness. Discover the certifications obtained.


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The right industrial fan for the sector of food service and hotel industries.

Discover the industrial fans and other solutions we have designed for the food service and hotel industries to make your spaces healthier and safer.

At CMC Ventilazione, we produce both industrial ventilation units and more specific solutions for the food service and hotel industries. Indeed, companies and businesses operating in the food service and hotel industries, in addition to room ventilation, need systems for the extraction of kitchen fumes to render the environment healthier and safer. 


From a ventilation perspective, the industrial fans we have designed for the food service and hotel industries are the DAIN double extraction centrifugal fan and the DARE fan. Still, these are not enough to make the environments welcoming and compliance with current regulations. 

They must be combined with extraction and fume systems plus, for really clean air, sanitisation systems. Let’s take a look in more detail. 

1- Fume extraction systems

Be it is a café, restaurant, canteen or processing plant, companies in the food service and hotel industries need specific fume extraction systems that ventilate the premises and leave the environments more pleasant to be in every day. 

To this end, in conjunction with industrial fans, we recommend installing a simple fume extraction system or, better yet, being equipped with an activated carbon filtration system or pocket filters. 

The simple box extraction units comply with European Regulation 1253/2014 and do not allow air to be reintroduced into the atmosphere. As for fume extraction systems with integrated fume treatment, these process the air and ensure that certain particles (such as those of exhausted oil) are trapped inside the unit. By doing so, kitchen fumes no longer represent a source of pollution and can be re-introduced into the atmosphere in a totally safe way.

2- Sanitation systems

Ventilating rooms with industrial fans, sucking in air and trapping the largest waste particles are commendable actions but they are not enough to consider the air truly healthy. 

Inside canteens, fast-food outlets, food processing plants and hospitals, air treatment units should have an extra edge, to not only sanitise the air but also filter it. 

To do this, at CMC Ventilazione we have designed systems dedicated to the food service and hotel industries that, through Airlibra photoplasma technology, also eliminate viruses, bacteria, pathogens and pollutants from the air and from surfaces in contact with it. In addition, these air handling units rid the environment of bad odours and reduce the risk of fire in ventilation ducts by almost completely eliminating grease and oil particles.

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