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When are steel fans the best option?

At CMC Ventilazione, we produce stainless-steel fans and sheet-metal fans. Let’s looks at when one material is better than the other ...

Most of the industrial fans on the market are made of painted sheet metal. Sheet metal is a material suitable for many work environments, not only in food service and hotel industries but also in manufacturing sectors. Yet, there are specific cases in which installing an air-handling unit in painted sheet metal is not the best choice and where it would be best to install a stainless-steel fan. Let’s find out when and why. 

How to select the best fan for your system

In work environments, there are several variables that contribute to the choice of an industrial fan

At CMC Ventilazione, we always carry out an inspection before offering our customers a specific model given that an assessment of the environment allows us to define: 

- The necessary air flow;

- The type of ventilation system on which our fan will be installed;

- The characteristics of the air to be treated (heat, humidity, presence of harmful gases, corrosive fumes or dust);

- The need to sanitise the air; 

- Noise levels in the work environment.


It is only from an analysis of this data that we can understand both which fan model is the most suitable and which material will result in an efficient industrial fan that stands the test of time. 


Stainless-steel fans actually have the same structure as traditional industrial fans. The only difference between the two types is the material with which they are made so it is precisely the intrinsic characteristics of the material that make steel fans the best option or not in a given environment. 

Characteristics of stainless-steel fans

In terms of air treatment or energy consumption, choosing a sheet-metal fan or a stainless-steel fan makes no difference. An identical model made of sheet metal or steel will have the same airflow, a similar noise and equivalent energy consumption. 

However, compared to sheet-metal fans, stainless-steel fans are more solid and more resistant to atmospheric agents, specifically heat, humidity and any corrosive fumes in the air. 

Yes, sheet metal is a rather resistant material but it is not suitable for industrial environments where there are steel plants, metal treatment plants, furnaces ... 

In environments such as these, a sheet-metal fan is likely to be damaged in a short time due to the air quality. This is why it would be best to install a stainless-steel fan instead. 

How much does a stainless-steel fan cost?

For the same model and performance, a stainless-steel fan has a higher cost than the same fan made of painted sheet metal.

However, the initial investment is soon repaid by the reduced maintenance and the life of the fan over the years if subjected to high temperatures, corrosive fumes and excessive humidity. 

Do you want to know if a stainless-steel fan is the right choice for your working environment?

Request a free inspection from our technicians who will be able to recommend the most suitable model and material for your departments.