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How to choose the right power for your industrial extractor

Discover 3 aspects to consider when evaluating industrial fume extractors, so that you can purchase just the right solution for your work spaces.

In certain industrial sectors, such as steel and chemicals, the effectiveness of a fume extraction system is crucial for guaranteeing the safety of workers and the quality of the working environment. Carefully choosing the power for an industrial extractor is the first step to implementing a solution that is efficient and truly improves working conditions. Let’s see together what factors you need to consider when choosing the right industrial extractor for your business.

1. Emission sources

Before choosing the power for your industrial extractor, it is essential to identify and evaluate the sources of emissions. There can be various sources of fumes and dust in a production environment, with each having their own very specific characteristics. Analysing the quantity and nature of emissions will help you better understand what characteristics your industrial extractor should have to meet your needs.

2. Air flow 

How big is the space? What air flow rate will the extractor have to guarantee? What is the concentration of the fumes that have to be treated? How often are they produced? Answering these questions will allow you to understand how powerful the fume extractor will have to be in order to capture and treat all the fumes, and therefore make the air in the work environment healthy and clean.

3. Static pressure 

Static pressure is a technical aspect that involves the overall structure of the ventilation system and the components present inside it. Evaluating this aspect can be difficult for someone who isn’t an industrial ventilation expert, but, with the support of CMC technicians, you will be able to quickly understand the obstacles air has to overcome to reach the extractor, and, therefore, what power is needed to be able to handle the air efficiently


Evaluating these aspects is extremely important, because, when choosing an industrial fume extractor, a very powerful extractor is not always the ideal solution. 

A large industrial extractor implies a large initial investment and high management costs that weigh heavily on company budgets, and which are often unnecessary. The support of CMC technicians is therefore essential in helping you evaluate the power needed to make your working environment healthy and to install a fume extractor tailored to your specific needs.

Before purchasing a powerful industrial fume extractor, consider whether it is ideally suited to your work spaces or not.

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