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How to extract corrosive fumes 

Find out how to guarantee health and safety in high-risk industrial environments with a corrosive fume extraction system. Read our insights into this technology.

In high-risk environments, attention to health and safety is of primary importance, and one of the major challenges that companies can face is the extraction and elimination of hazardous fumes. Let’s see together two solutions that companies can adopt to guarantee safe and healthy far workers even in high-risk environments.

Extraction systems 

Unfortunately, common air handling units are not suitable for environments with corrosive fumes and toxic substances. This is because they are unable to eliminate all the fumes efficiently, and, in a short time, corrosive fumes can ruin the structure of the unit, rendering the entire system unusable. 


To extract corrosive fumes from work environments, it is necessary to install an ad hoc system, specially designed and built for high-risk and high corrosive environments, such as welding or painting rooms. 


Our experience in designing air handling and treatment solutions has led us to create a specific solution for the extraction of welding and other industrial fumes: the SAPPE system. 


Sappe is a centrifugal fan made of injection-moulded polypropylene and fully acid-resistant materials, for the extraction of corrosive fumes. It is available in different sizes, according to the environment in which it will be installed, and has a static pressure of up to 1000 Pa, and a flow rate of up to 5000 m3/h, to guarantee the extraction of fumes and oil mists, even from large spaces.

Sanitization systems for work environments

Industrial fume extraction systems, such as Sappe, are efficient, but cannot guarantee the complete healthiness of the air inside the work environment. Although they remove fumes and oil mists, they can do nothing against germs, bacteria and pollutants that may remain in the air and potentially cause problems for workers.
To allow industries to guarantee truly healthy work spaces, CMC Ventilazione has designed the Oil Filtration Box (OFB), an industrial fume extraction system integrated with photoplasma technology, which, in addition to eliminating fumes, destroys particles of viruses, bacteria, bad odours and pollutants present in the air and on surfaces in contact with it. 


Compared to SAPPE, the OFB system is a static aspirator for the purification of air containing oil mists, micro-mists and fumes, such as from cooling lubricants. It can be mounted on a new machine or integrated into existing machinery, and, thanks to its UV-C lamp and photoplasma technology, eliminates up to 99.95% of pollutants and pathogens in air. 


With OFB, not only is it possible to extract welding and processing fumes in general, but you can also offer your workers truly healthy and clean air, helping improve their concentration, reducing the risk of illnesses, and makes the working environment more pleasant and comfortable.

Guarantee workplace health and safety for your employees

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