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Do in-box extraction units sanitise the air?

Boxed extraction units ensure adequate air recirculation in food service and hotel environments but do they also sanitise the workspaces? The answer can be found in our in-depth analysis.

In the food service and hotel industries, fume extraction systems are essential to ensure a healthy environment. Whether it is canteens, fast-food, restaurant kitchens or basic coffee shops, installing a boxed extraction unit is mandatory by law. But can these air-handling units also sanitise the environments and eliminate pathogens? Let’s find out together …

Boxed extraction units for the food service and hotel industries: the types


Food service and hotel industries are legally obliged to install vacuum cleaners for kitchen hoods. But there are 3 different types to to choose from that eliminate cooking fumes and make the environment healthier: 


The Simple in-box extraction units,: being systems that suction the air in the work environment and conduct it outside, ideal for environments where the fumes produced are not rich in grease and oil – this basic solution is only suitable for small structures and with limited ventilation requirements;


The Extractors with integrated fume treatment.where the air-handling unit, in addition to sucking and expelling the air outside, is equipped with primary, soft pocket or activated carbon filters to coarsely clean the air and odours from the residues of oil, grease and other substances before putting releasing it into the atmosphere – these represent a more complete solution than simple extraction units but are not able to eliminate viruses and bacteria that proliferate in the ventilation ducts, making the entire environment unhealthy; 


The Boxed extraction units with integrated sanitising treatment. that not only sucks up fumes and traps the coarsest pollutant particles buta UV lamp and a photoplasma sanitisation system also removes pathogens, viruses, bacteria, bad odours and formaldehyde residues from the air and surfaces in contact with it through aspiratori cassonati con trattamento sanificante even manage to eliminate 95% of grease and oil
residues in the suction ducts, thus reducing the risk of fire due to dirt accumulating within the systems.


If, in addition to suctioning fumes, you also want to sanitise the air and make your rooms healthier, then the only type of boxed extraction unit capable of purifying air is one with an integrated photoplasma sanitising system.

How photoplasma sanitation works


Boxed extraction units capable of sanitising the air and surfaces are easy to recognise since, in addition to the fume extraction system, they have a special UV lamp inside. This UV lamp generates a natural reaction in the air that produces photoplasma, a gaseous mixture capable of breaking the chemical bonds of pollutants. Compared to sanitisation solutions with filters, photoplasma technology does not capture bad odour particles, viruses and bacteria, but eliminates them permanently. In addition, it does not pose a danger to living beings and can be used continuously, even in the presence of people and food. 


From the point of view of sustainability, the UV lamp installed inside the boxed extraction units for air sanitisation does not need maintenance, except for the replacement of the lamp itself after many hours of use. This lamp is disposed of according to the provisions of your municipality, not being considered as special waste.

Find out how to sanitise environments in the food service and hotel industries with in-box extraction units integrated with photoplasma technology.