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EN12101-3 certified fume extraction: discover the VDI Washable F400 unit

Remove fumes from your working environment quietly and with the certainty of an EN12101-3-compliant unit. Discover the VDI-certified F400 from CMC Ventilation.

Thanks to our experience in high-temperature fume extraction, we have designed a new unit that improves the performance of previous models and complies with European standards for heat resistance and extraction efficiency. Find out why the VDI Washable F400 is the ideal solution if you need to remove high-temperature and high-grease fumes from your production facilities.

The benefits of the VDI Washable F400 extraction unit

How our VDI Washable F400 unit helps you improve air quality by efficiently and quickly extracting fumes from your working environment. Built with an inverted blade fan and supporting structure, the F400 solution allows easy inspection of the unit and complies with the German VDI 2052 standard just like the VDI Washable and VDI model, but is additionally certified according to EN12101-3 to give you greater heat resistance and improved extraction efficiency.

Why choose an F400 solution for your Ho.Re.Ca facilities 

The F400-certified unit is a higher-performing and safer fume extraction unit than previous models because it complies with more international standards for Ho.Re.Ca facilities. 


It is designed in Italy and carefully manufactured in every detail. Characterised by a compact and discreet design, it is made from materials selected for their resistance to deformation even at high temperatures and for their reduced environmental impact. 


The presence of sound-absorbing panels inside it reduces noise, improving living comfort in working environments, while EN12101-3 certification confirms its compliance with international standards on safety, efficiency and durability, making the VDI Washable F400 the best solution for those who want to install a state-of-the-art fume extraction unit.

Would you like to know all the technical details of the new high-temperature fume extraction unit?

Request the technical specifications of the VDI Washable F400 unit from our sales department

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